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Tournament locations and dates are posted in Events.  Tournament Information will be posted in the Document Center to the left.  The tournament information and pool play/brackets are subject to change.  Check regularly to make sure you have the most current information before you depart for your Tournament.  For documents that are changed, revision dates will be posted.

Updated scores will be posted on the bracket/pool play files in the Document Center

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Regional Commissioner
Mr. Leonard Hammer
Regional Commissioner
(559) 834-2419
Arizona Commissioners
Mr. Dan Neri
Baseball & Softball Commissionerr
(480) 331-2469
Mr. Brad Lewis
Cal Ripken Commissioner
(602) 697-7503
Central California Commissioners
Ms. Glenda Champlin
Baseball Commissioner
(559) 584-5349
Mr. Michael J. Caudillo
Cal Ripken & Softball Commissioner
(559) 897-8366
Northern California Commissioners
Mrs. Jacki Sullivan
Baseball Commissioner
(925) 754-1851
Mr. Bill Bump
Cal Ripken Commissioner
(209) 745-3262
Mr. Ed Henderson
Softball Commissioner
(530) 633-9296
Southern California Commissioner
Mr. Melvin Rader
Baseball & Softball Commissioner
(760) 355-1870
Guam Commissioner
Mr. Roke Alcantara
Baseball & Softball Commissioner
(671) 734-2807
Hawaii Commissioner
Mr. Carl Watanabe
Baseball & Softball Commissioner
(808) 942-0629
Nevada Commissioners
Mr. Dennis White
Baseball Commissioner
(775) 359-4917
Mr. Eugene Daily
Cal Ripken Commissioner
(775) 379-0009
Mr. Dean Williams
Softball Commissioner
(775) 378-3531
Northern Utah Commissioner
Mr. Mario Mascaro
Baseball Commissioner
(801) 631-7349
Mr. Brian Cotterman
Cal Ripken Commissioner
(801) 915-5208
Southern Utah Commissioner
Mr. Ed Proctor
Cal Ripken Commissioner
(435) 623-0919

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· 2014 Pacific Southwest Regional Winners7/27/2014

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12-70 Cal Ripken Regional TournamentJul 5 2015 1:00PMSurprize, AZ

More Information to Follow

More information to follow.

Information subject to change

Check-In: July 05, 2015

Games Start: July 06, 2015

Files WILL BE in Document Center:

12-70 Cal Ripken Regional Tournament Info

12-70 Cal Ripken Regional Tournament Pool Play

  Address: Surprize, AZ
8U, 20U, 12U, 14U, 16U Softball Regional TournamenJul 9 2015 1:00PMLodi, CA

More Information to follow.

Information subject to change

Check-In: July 9, 2015

Games Start: July 10, 2015

8U Softball Regional Tournament Info

10U Softball Regional Tournament Info

12U Softball Regional Tournament Info

14U Softball Regional Tournament Info

16U Softball Regional Tournament Info

  Address: Lodi, CA
8 Year Old Cal Ripken Regional TournamentJul 19 2015 1:00PMRiverton, UT

More Information to Follow

Information subject to change

Check-In: July 20, 2014

Games Start: July 21, 2014 - July 25, 2014

Files WILL BE in Document Center:

8 Cal Ripken Regional Tournament Info

8 Cal Ripken Regional Tournament Pool Play

  Address: Riverton, UT

Central California
Northern California
Southern California
Southern Utah